Anti-Pain Patch

5 patches per box

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Packaging : 5 patches per box

Anti pain patch

Original price was: 30.60 €.Current price is: 25.00 €.

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Synercell patches are a range of multi-layer cellulosic patches that act by localized pressure after applying them to the affected area.

  1. It is considered in Asia that the energy meridians represent the way by which vital energy circulates. These meridians form a network linking the various internal and External elements of the body and regulate the functioning of the whole organism.
  2. When everything is functioning normally, energy, blood and physiological liquids circulate regularly and fluidly in this network in order to nourish the tissues they pass Through.
  3. For a very long time, acupuncture has demonstrated the interaction between the meridians and the organs associated with them, namely that certain organic disorders Can be identified by a disturbance of the energy current on the corresponding meridian or, conversely, that disturbances at the level of the meridian can negatively Influence the corresponding organ.
  4. It is on these bases that the PS030 patch was designed. Composed of multiple layers of concentrated extract of natural origin which allow it to be easily positioned on The area concerned, it aims to eliminate the “energetic disturbance” of the meridian and thus to “reactivate a natural process of evacuation of pain”.
  5. Patches have been used for thousands of years in Asia, both by doctors (to treat muscle, joint or tendon pain) and martial artists for trauma, fractures, hematomas, Muscle tears, etc.


Black Cumin Oil

  • Black cumin is an annual herbaceous plant 30 cm high, with an erect, branched stem, with toothed, very cut, feathery leaves. The flowers are blue to white. After Flowering, pointed, 8-segmented fruits form, enclosing black, angular seeds.
  • Originally from Asia Minor, black cumin is grown in North Africa, the Middle East and southern Europe. As a medicinal plant, black cumin from Egypt, grown in the Oases of the Arabian desert, offers the best quality. Used for centuries as a condiment and for its therapeutic virtues its oil is particularl appreciated for its beneficial Properties for the skin.

Pepper Mint :

Mentha piperita oil is a volatile oil obtained from the peppermint plant (of the Labiatae family) and classified as an essential oil. It is used as a skin softening agent and perfumery ingredient.

These analgesic and anesthetic properties are very effective in relieving
pain, in particular foot pain, rheumatism, neuralgia and muscle pain. Its stimulating action is very useful to help and improve blood circulation.

 Advice For Use :

  • Before applying a patch: wash and dry the area to be treated then gently remove the protective film, then apply the patch to the area to be treated.
  • Apply a maximum of 2 patches per day.
  • Renew the patch every 24 hours as many times as necessary.

Precautions For Use :

  • External application only.
  • Never apply to an open wound, irritated skin or mucous membranes.
  • Keep away from any source of heat.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not apply to children under 7 years old or pregnant women.
  • Please note, Patch PS030 is not a drug. If the pain persists, see your doctor. Never interrupt ongoing medical treatment.
  • To prevent any allergic reaction, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary test with a few cm² of sample.
  • When applying the patch, the feeling of coolness or warmth depending on the type of patch used is completely normal and desirable. However, it may happen That this impression turns into a burning sensation, in which case the patch should be removed immediately.

Packaging :

  • 5 patches per box



Anti Pain Patch