Sport Bottle

water bottle


Material Borosilicate glass
Capacity 500 ML
Country of Origin Luxembourg



Water Bottle


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    • Properties of the glass bottle engraved with a flower of life.
    • Stand-up glass bottle will accompany you throughout your day so that you stay well hydrated.
    • Easy to carry thanks to its compact size of 500 ml, it allows you to always have fresh and energetic water.
    • Made of borosilicate glass, providing chemical stability, durability, and heat resistance, but not unbreakable! You can thus use it to transport hot and cold drinks or your diluted food supplements.
    • All you must do is choose the model (bamboo or stainless-steel lid) and the color of the cover.
    • All our bottles are engraved with a flower of life.
    • The flower of life is a very ancient symbol already represented in Assyrian relics dating back more than 6 centuries BC.
    • It is also engraved in the temple of Osiris in Egypt and present in Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus.
    • It is a geometric shape containing the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence and the five Platonic solids.
    • Directly linked to sacred geometry, it represents a universal symbol of vitality, creation, and harmony.



Spirulina, Synercell


Water Bottle